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Postby svttim on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:48 pm

hockey85 wrote:
SAC Killer wrote:Yes, I was thinking about the launcher itself and forgot about the LERs but they do differ considerably amongst the wings. The LER at Wings I and II are soft. All others hard with differences from wing to wing.

The LER's encircle the launcher, thus have to be hardened. The LSB for Wing I which is seperated from the launcher is not hardened, but the LEB for Deuce, which is seperated from the launcher is hardened.

Been a few years (ok, a few more than a few) but, I remember the LSB, also call the SSB in wing one but cant recall which wings had which. Ellsworth and Whiteman both had SSB's, I know the 564 had hardened SB. I also get a bit confused when we talk deuce LGM30F, vs LGM30G and WS133 AM WS133AM-CDB ect. I realize the WS is the entire weapon system and the LG is the bird but, when you start mixing the two and changing which bird is in which hole, all the different terminology can get confusing. I have worked both wing one and the 564th as an EMT and CTT, which at the time was separate. Also spent a few years at Whiteman and Ellsworth.

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