"Olympiad" by Robert A. Wyckoff

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"Olympiad" by Robert A. Wyckoff

Postby njh621 on Tue Aug 12, 2008 1:47 am

I found this in my new 381st Deactivation yearbook. The poem is about the Vandy missile competitions. My apologies to Mr. Wyckoff if I mistype a line or so.

Once more in the style of the Curtain Raiser,
The missile crews are met,
And in bloodless strife compete again,
To settle a friendly bet.

Nine wings select the best they have,
And send them on a journey,
To meet in competition in,
SAC's yearly missile tourney.

From maintenance and missile ops,
They bet without a bluff;
In the practiced moves of well-trained men,
They find whose best is enough.

New ways are found to do old tasks,
New ways to achieve precision.
What's proven here winds up oft' times,
In a new TO revision.

And for those who watch with hostile intent,
Is the barely unstated word,
Of the simple resolve of the men who run,
The Triad's land-locked third.

The missile handler at a frozen LF,
And the encapsuled Combat Crew,
The MMT and the R/V team,
Give proxy to these few.

They come to the "Comp" and meet old friends,
And relive old times and places.
They smile and talk and socialize,
Behind their poker faces.

But at night alone they stare at a wall,
And feel the knot in their gut.
They know behind their confidence,
They too can fail the cut.

Those who come have earned their place,
And are worth a man's respect.
Win or not they represent,
The best of a group select.

The Arena is marked by unit pride,
And personal esprit.
But after the expense of blood and sweat,
It's luck makes the last decree;
The question asked is not who excells,
But only to what degree.

-By Robert A. Wyckoff
-Nick Halliday
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