Who let the LCC bunk stay for MM III

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Who let the LCC bunk stay for MM III

Postby Capt. Bill on Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:58 am

Another before bedtime musing,

MM I had a bunk for crew sleeping since it was a 24 hour alert. When MM III was deployed first at MInot in 1970 both crew members had to be awake so they went to the 12 down, 12 up, 12 down 36 hour alert wih two predepardures ever other day. But the bunk was not removed to make room for a new bookcase or whatever would fit in the place. The bunk stayed in the LCC complete with sheets and blankets.

Now I wonder if there was someone who got to make the decision on whether the bunk stayed or not. The strictly MM III crews never used the bunk but the MM I guys who had transitioned... Guess I had better not give any more details or names.
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