"Warfighting - Warwinning" ~ Anon.

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"Warfighting - Warwinning" ~ Anon.

Postby AE on Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:01 am

This appeared on page 19 of the May 1985 issue of SAC's Combat Crew magazine. If it sounds familiar to some, the narrative used in the IQT graduation film at Vandenberg was based on this text. It was used for many years--at least a decade--though I have no idea what they do at grad ceremonies nowadays. This reminds me of a quote I used in the PREPS class attended by all missile students: "Someday, an ultimate class of warriors will evolve, too strong to be contested. They will win their battles without having to fight, so that at last, the day may be won without shedding a single drop of blood." ~Sun Tzu, ca. 500 B.C.


A missile sits in deadly rest
a world remains secure
Above you life is at its best
Because of boredom you endure

These words somehow seem remote from war and its vivid images and sounds. There are no symbols of sacrifice, shock, and splendor in the safe, sturdy and sterile world of a launch control center. But for a quarter of a century, men and women of SAC have fought and won a battle greater than any other.

They have not soared through endless skies and danced on silvered wings. They have not seen their targets or scored their hits or felt the thrill of victory. They hear no bugle's frenzied call or mournful note of Taps. They wear no medals and reap few praises from those they serve each day.

In their concrete and steel cocoons, they wait for an event that should it ever come to pass will mean they have failed. They are carefully trained and tested to ensure they can do the one thing their very existence is meant to prevent. They know as long as they are ready to launch, they most likely never will. Every hour of every day, the crew force waits. Every hour of every day, the crew force wins a war they hope they will never fight.

Each hour of deterrence is their victory. Every moment of freedom is their conquest. Every day that passes is their prize. What they fight is a war of wills. What they win is time. Time for a child to grow, to learn, to love and flourish. Time for a nation to break new barriers, heal old wounds, reach new heights and serve its people. Time for a world to solve its problems, feed its hungry, cure its sick, and find peace. Time for mankind to seek out new challenges and be all that it can be.

Time, then, is the prize and the price for today's missile warrior. They have fought and won the war, but having won, they must fight on. Yesterday's deterrence is gone, today's is being won right now, and tomorrow's must be earned. So for the blue-suited missileers, the victory is never final, the battle never finished, and the war never over. As you read this, they sit and wait. Their warfighting is constant and the peace we share today is a monument to their skill.

~ Anon.
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