"Trash Day Again!" by Kathy Deaver

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"Trash Day Again!" by Kathy Deaver

Postby AE on Sun Jul 16, 2006 2:22 am

I culled this one from one of the newsletters published by the OWC at Malmstrom during the early 1980s. If it's not apparent, Kathy was a crew member's wife (those were the days before we had female crew members in Montana). The occasion was Saint Patty's Day. Oh, BTW, the Playground was a bar--I mean cafe--frequented by Air Force folks (I wonder if it's still there?).


We all remember the day we came,
But I won't lay down any blame.
And it's not his fault, he will assert,
That the movers came on his first alert.

He's on alert, it never fails;
And we all know what that entails.
That's the day the car breaks down.
Our missile man is not around.
And it's trash day again!

The phone rings--"Hello"--"Hi hon, it's me."
And then you hear "Deedle Deedle Dee!"
"Hold on," he says, "I'll be right back,"
By then you give the phone a smack.

He has to know just how it goes;
His son has a penny up his nose.
The washer has just rinsed the floor,
And it's trash day again!

But he's not on alert every day,
It only sometimes seems that way.
We always know when he is back;
That's when we give our toes a crack
On his crew bag by the door!

When he is home we know for sure
(And we all know to what I refer)
The flight commander's bound to call,
And out of bed we have to crawl.

"Don't answer that," he starts to say,
And we're already on our way.
"It's for you." He says, "I know,
It's Global Shield, I have to go."
"You're not coming home 'til when?
But it's trash day again!"

So off they go to do their job,
Leaving us home with a crying mob.
And when they're gone they start to think
Of us home playing in the kitchen sink.

They think we wouldn't be so blue
If we just had a little more to do.
So they volunteer us every now and then:
"I need eight dozen cookies by when?!"
And it's trash day again!

While we are on our missile tour,
There's one thing we know for sure:
That now and then it's bound to snow,
And on the day he has to go,
The other wives we're bound to meet
While shoveling a path out to the street.
It's important that the job gets done,
Even though it's not much fun,
'Cause it's trash day again!

Sometimes his tricks are less than dirty,
Like when driving him in at O-dark-30.
He informs you of his evening plan
Of loading everyone in his van
And not getting home 'til very late.
They say it's a class they really hate,
But somehow it just doesn't seem right
That they have seminars on...
The Playground's Military Night!

But they're our guys, we love them all.
They make us stand so proud and tall.
So let's all find a special way
To wish them a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

~ Kathy Deaver
ILCS Class 31 / ALCS Class 90-2
490 SMS - 341 SMW/DOTI - 4315 CCTS - 4 ACCS - 2 ACCS
... and damned proud of every single one of my 476 nuclear alerts in SAC!
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