"Mission Accomplished" by Mary Young

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"Mission Accomplished" by Mary Young

Postby AE on Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:04 am

Mary wrote: "Dedicated to all the men and women everywhere who made up the GLCM team."


The klaxon of freedom rings down through the ages;
The players may change, and also the stages--
But never the plot--today it's the same,
Of those who serve Liberty, without seeking fame.

Four years, and more, of the mud and the rain,
Of doing our best--not for personal gain--
Not for wealth, nor rewards, that our people could keep,
But so children all over the world safely sleep.

Four years, and more, of standing our ground,
Of doing our best, and not lounging around.
Weeks spent in the woods, regardless of weather,
With "A Flight"--all groups from base working together.

Four years, and more, and our goal is achieved.
The treaty is signed; Excalibur sheathed.
But don't fear increased danger with your guardian gone,
The memories of GLCM will long carry on.

Because all who were here gave all of their best,
The world will remember Uncle Sam's GLCM test.
They'll say that the missiles accomplished it all,
But even missiles need people to answer their call.

"The mission comes first"; we all know that it's true.
But no mission could work without people like you.
Long days make long weeks, but we got the job done--
Our mission's accomplished--war's over--we won!

Comiso, Florennes, Greenham Common, and all,
You've proven our point 'cause you've answered our call.
You did it all--in all conditions, to boot--
Our hat's off to you, in a GLCM salute.

~ Mary Young
ILCS Class 31 / ALCS Class 90-2
490 SMS - 341 SMW/DOTI - 4315 CCTS - 4 ACCS - 2 ACCS
... and damned proud of every single one of my 476 nuclear alerts in SAC!
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