"Old-Time Titan II" ~ Anon.

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"Old-Time Titan II" ~ Anon.

Postby AE on Sat Jul 15, 2006 7:31 pm

I extracted this from the 13 Oct 1995 edition of Vandenberg's Space & Missile Times, published on page 8.

(To the tune of "Old Time Rock and Roll"


Just keep those new rockets on the shelf,
You can save them for somebody else.
I want some hardware that is tried and true...
I like that old-time Titan II.

Refrain: Gimme that old-time Titan II:
A rocket old enough to sing the blues;
Recycled rockets just as good as new,
I like those old-time Titan IIs.

Don't want no ALS or Arianne,
High-tech boosters don't fit my plan;
Ancient missiles really light my fuse...
I like those old-time Titan IIs.

Don't talk of shuttle or of M-L-V,
I want a rocket with some history.
I want the titan used for Gem-in-ee...
You know that makes 'em good enough for me!

Pulled out of silos where they served so well,
They leak and creak and they're rusty as hell;
But you can patch 'em up with riivets and glue...
I like an old-time Titan II.

- Anon.
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