"GLORY TRIP" by Greg Ogletree

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"GLORY TRIP" by Greg Ogletree

Postby AE on Sat Jul 15, 2006 6:45 pm


Transported from its strategic perch
Where poised for quick ascent,
This bird's now ready for a special flight,
Declawed and preened to heart's content.

She's groomed from nose to nozzle,
All readings in the green;
The count toward "mark" has begun,
All eyes and ears are keen.

Well-trained hands twist in sync
To send the magic spark;
Tons of concrete glide toward the south,
Then fire lights up the dark.

A ring of smoke heralds Minuteman,
Rising halo-like o'er head;
While Peacekeeper's egress is absent fire,
Being freed by steam instead.

Trailing tongues of flame and smoke,
The missile climbs ever higher...
Pitching slightly toward the sea
As it paints a tall white spire.

It flies downrange with lightning speed
And comes in like a shooting star--
reminding all who witness this,
No target is too far.

The glory's brief, the moment's spent,
But the message is loud and clear:
We're ever ready to defend
All that we hold dear.

Greg Ogletree, 1997
ILCS Class 31 / ALCS Class 90-2
490 SMS - 341 SMW/DOTI - 4315 CCTS - 4 ACCS - 2 ACCS
... and damned proud of every single one of my 476 nuclear alerts in SAC!
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