91 OSS Patch

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91 OSS Patch

Postby Hanna on Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:36 am

Did they finally change the patch I designed for the 91OSS, and which the squadron used for a few years, to be in compliance by changing part of it to blue and flipping the unit with motto? I saw a version of it on aeroemblem, which I'll place next to the one that was worn for a few (5+?) years.


New one?

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Re: 91 OSS Patch

Postby Tooch on Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:55 am


Our currnet patch design is the one on the bottom. Our former DO had one of the patches with the blue in it, but he's the only one I ever saw with one. I've been here about a year now.
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Re: 91 OSS Patch

Postby Greatstone07 on Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:09 am

I was there when they switched to the version with blue as a test. I think they were going to try and send it to the AF Institue of Heraldry. I guess the one without blue is not up to institute standards. Technically, the old-old one (below) is still the only one officially recognized by th AF.

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