Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

For general discussion with your fellow Minuteman III crewdogs, maintainers and cops. Currently based at Minot AFB, ND, Malmstrom AFB, MT, and F. E. Warren AFB, WY. Formerly based at Grand Forks AFB, ND. Operational from 17 Apr 1970 to present. Share your stories and meet up with an old friend.

Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby Dr. Ernie Rosado on Thu Dec 29, 2005 3:11 pm

I am trying to find any crew dogs in the 740th SMS between 1978-1982. Our Wing Ops officer was Roy G. Wallace. He went thorugh IQT at Vandenberg AFB with my class. Minot AFB was an experience I still talk about with my teachers. I transitioned to civilian life in the "Troops to Teaching " program. I was special education teacher and then moved on to the administration side of the house. I teach history at times and discuss our role in the missile world to middle and high school students. They don't even know where Minot. ND is located. I am living in Ornage Beach, ALabama. I want to find some update material for my school so I can teach about the mission of missiles.

Have a good day and hope to hear from you!!!

Dr. Ernie Rosado
Dr. Ernie Rosado
Dr. Ernie Rosado
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Missiles and History

Postby AC Hauswald on Fri Dec 30, 2005 8:16 pm

Welcome to the board. I understand and feel for your frustrations as an educator in today's world. In 1957, as a freshman in HS, World Geography enlightened us to places/names/locations/capitols. Sadly, that happens less frequently any more.
FWIW-as part of your misslie history presentation-I was on active duty at Lowry AFB, CO during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although I did not TDY to Orlando AFB, FL during the crisis, it was my understanding through briefings received that the Mace-B guided missile was poised and ready to deliver either HE or 'other-than-conventional-warheads' to Cuba during the crisis. At the time, it was the only operational USAF tactical GTG (Ground-to-Ground) guided missile that could respond with ordnance on target if needed.
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Postby rendonrg on Fri Jan 06, 2006 9:47 pm

I arrived at Minot and the 740 SMS in August 1982. Spent around 12 months as a DMCCC and then transferred to DOTI as a Deputy Instructor. About a year later went back to the 740th and upgraded as MCCC and left in August of 1986 with a PCS to Warren AFB.

Rene Rendon
Minot AFB
740 SMS
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Postby NitWitt on Wed May 31, 2006 5:55 pm

Ernie - Greetings Dude!! Hope an old 742d crew dog and Instructor can reply to your call ... yup, Roy G. Wallace ... black horn-rimmed glasses and buzz cut ... the picture of every SAC colonel ... just never saw him with a cigar in his mouth. I retired a year ago and am Director of Security at Raytheon in Southern California. "What a long strange road it has been" Mike
Nit Witt
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Postby RFMOOREOBX on Tue Jun 13, 2006 10:11 pm

Mike! Glad to see you remember your missile roots with all that cop stink on you. Last time I saw you was at Andrews when your folks were using my conference center. Rene, you and I pulled some 740th alerts together, too. But to be honest, if it wasn't for getting first crewed with Ernie, I would have ended up a line whore with over 400 alerts. All crew bears think they had rough times, but dang if we didn't have our share and then some. Busted IGs, lost one time code pages, "Jesus" telling the Zoo's senior leadership about our crew effort during EWO testing, Roy G's form letter LORs, being dual qualified when the rest of the missile world wasn't, boneheaded crew dogs just dropping in on the Winnipeg Soviet consulate just to say "hi", and the constant treats made to careers when all 160 of us were only lieutenants and junior Captains. It scares my wife that I can still quote checklist steps.

Life on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is great, however, and I remain right proud of having worn our beloved pocket rocket. EX MEIS FRIGIDIS ET MORTUIS MANIBUS is still my favorite patch. A CDB LSMIP is the center piece of my office missile collection, and gets plenty of second looks.

740 SMS
OCT 1980 - MAY 1985
"Grandpa, tell us again what it was like when your missile wing busted a SAC/IG check AND the re-check!"
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Postby Bob N on Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:11 pm

Wasn't that something like a back to back ORI bust or something? I recall being told that if it happened again the were gioing to fly crews up from Warren to pull alert! Make my day was what I thought. And then, holy cow, they were going to black ball our records at HQ. We would never get a good assignment. LOL---hey wait a minute---naw.

I think some of you guys took notes as I'm having a hard time remembering specifics about the 80s and crewdog times.

I remember some things. A 742nd guy being chewed out by a Maj (Grenade with no pin) R. Seems this lowly Lt was scheduled for leave starting Monday. But because he was off on the weekend, he took off. The Maj told him he should have know better as their was a rumor about a "big" exercise coming up and he didn't answer his phone in three rings. Shame! So the Looie sayz, "So I should listen to rumors and believe them?" That''s right says, the Grenade, er Maj. "Well, Major, there's a rumor floating around that you're an a-hole. I should believe that, too, I guess." I'm not saying Maj R held a grudge or anything but the Looie never was promoted to Capt.

Or how about the 742nd Deputy that fell asleep in the trainer! The "staff" ran him out on a rail. I ran into him a few years later ...back in uniform. Seems the civilian review board didn't buy the staff reasons. Seems he had a sleep disorder and he was back on duty.

Or how about Spinelli? And the time the senior staff ran over him with an elephant and he ended up in the MPT as a trainer?

How about ...and you Warren guys may recognize him.... Rockin' Dave. He was our DO and then I think Vice. When ever he would speak at pre-departure he had a tendency to rock back and forth while he stood their talking to us. One day all of started rocking in our chairs exactly as he did. He realized what happened and burst out laughing as we all did... well, that's the way I remember it anyway.
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Postby MINOT91MSS on Sun Jul 23, 2006 3:26 pm

You can find information on the National Park website, i think it's http://www.nps.gov or http://www.nps.org. There is all kinds of information due to the opening of the Minuteman Historical site in South Dakota. Good Luck.
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Postby Keith "OBK" D on Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:43 pm

There are a few names listed above that I remember. NitWitt, Rene Garza Rendon and my ole Crew Commander Robert Moore (for which I was his best darn Deputy).
The story I remember best about good ole Col Roy Wallace (besides trying to EWO cert in front of him) were the heel plates on his shoes. In the basement of the Wing building, you could hear him coming down the hall as there was no carpeting on the floor. After he left Minot, we were in DOTI one afternoon and we heard some heel plates coming down the hall. I believe it was Rex Porter who said "It sounds like that G.D. Wallace" and just as he said it, in walks Col Wallace. The look on our faces was of utter shock and disbelief and Porter saw his career flash before his eyes. The reason Wallace was back was for an article 15 hearing (I don't know for whom).
For some of you "old heads", I ran into Phil Beard about a year ago here at Wright-Pat AFB. He was getting ready to retire.
In one of the previous posts, someone mentioned the back-to-back IG failures. I remember them well. I was in DOTI and I can't remember the Major who was the DOT but he kept wanting me to get picked to go in the MPT when they came back for the 2nd ORI. I did not get picked but when we failed the 2nd time and they decided to let the Wing pick the crews to go into the box for another round of evals (before they brought up the FEW guys), I was the first one picked to go for an IG ride. The ride went well and as I came out of the box, the senior wing leadership was lined up like a gauntlet. There was the wing CC, CV, DO, sqd CCs, DOT and DOV. They had this anxious look on their faces and they immediately asked me how it went. I waved my hand at them and told them it was a piece of cake. If I remember right, we still had two crew failures the third time around.
It was some long days, weeks and months put in training the wing and getting ready for the 3901st SMES. When SMES did show, we kicked butt with the highest score to date and got Rockin Dave and Col Branch and Excellent rating.
Boy the memories are streaming back....
Keith "OBK" Davis
Keith "OBK" D
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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby Kendzski on Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:46 am

Minot 85-87, Was ADO in 741st when Gen Anarde was Sq. CC as an LTC --- one of the finest officers I ever worked for. He and his wife (Michelle?) were a couple to be admired --- so sad to hear of her passing. Gave John Davis one of the few 409th SMS Squadron Patches ever made. (409th was a renegade sq. of Titan II missileers at McConnell - 409 in honor of the cleanser used at the complex) -- didn't do any crew time there, was DO5 and ADO when Rocky, Joedall Reesing were there ---
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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby SCHUDSN8694B on Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:38 pm

Hey there Ernie!

Apologies for missing your original post. On 31 Aug 2005 I was tending my generator at Ocean Springs MS after sitting through Katrina.


Our house at Dayton is 1073 feet above mean sea level and we like it that way!

I came to admire Roy G. Wallace later in life when I realized that the poor bugger had to run a wing with a mob of lieutenants instead of the more balanced rank structure that the wiring diagram indicated. The phrase "herding cats" comes to mind.

I spent way too much time at Charlie for my own good. Frank Matthew Canada Kahren was my MCCC. Greg Stock and Jim Gottschalk were my DMCCCs. Most days, we were Crew S021.

Jim Schudrowitz
Jim Schudrowitz
If the sun's up, you still have a pulse and background radiation levels are nominal -- everything else is gravy!
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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby fmkahren on Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:52 pm

Hello Jim,

It's been some 27 years but I haven't gotten to the point of admiring Roy. L.A. King, well, there's another story. It was a privilige to wear the same uniform as that man.

After Minot, I went to work for Pacific Bell and, later, Bay Area Rapid Transit. I had to go to work for the local transit agency to travel. 13 weeks in Argentina. Nice work if you can get it.

That's basically it. Still married. One Daughter. She graduated from Cal over a year ago. Earned a Doctorate which I only use when I'm on someone else's doctoral committee or writing a journal article. Wrote a novel, Brand Loyalty. It's available through a few outlets. Most of the volume seems to be coming through Amazon.com and BarnsandNoble.com. Working on the next novel. On December 6th, I'll be at M is for Mystery in San Mateo, hopefully signing books.

Best Regards

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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby gwpire on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:19 pm

My name is Gary Pire - I was MCCC of E-013, 740th SMS from 8/77 to 2/81. Ernie was my first DMCCC and a cherry to boot. My first MCCC was Wild Bill McGill – many stories there. I was also chained to Jerry Bennet - never did get his 5th HQ - at Echo for about 6 months before I got my own crew. Got fired from DOTI by Ugly Roy for initiating my DOS - John Sipos had the task of kicking my ass out as I was giving a ride to Squeaky Welch and Tom Cullen.
Rosie Williamson was my last DMCCC and the guy I was with when D-04 tried to start WW3 all by itself – Geddy Dosher and Chet Camp couldn’t change-over fast enough – leaving me with an Enabled sortie that wouldn’t respond – not even in AJ.

D-04 was what got LA King fired as DO. I requested a MNX team to be dispatched by Huey and an A & B combo clear text transmission en-route to penetrate the launcher ASAP to manually safe the sortie – he sent out a MNX team by car (Ford Fairmont wagon if I remember). By the time they got there D-04 went from Enabled to Launch Commanded to Launch in Process to LF No Go. The SAT/ART team I stuck out there to try and wing the sortie on the way out of the hole (thank God it crapped out before then) never forgave me – they needed clean underwear after that one.

Speaking of Chester the Molester – we were out on a split alert when we got the actual war prep message (not the 2 NORAD chip failures) in Feb 1980 – I kept the original SACS hard copy if anybody wants a copy.

After my tour in Minot I got out, made a pile on money, bought a boat, and am as happy as a pig in s***. Still married to the same girl who tolerated Minot – and a grandfather twice over.

Ernie - Go Dolhins!

Gary W. Pire
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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby sleepydog25 on Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:25 pm

OBWanKnobi, the Major who first wanted you to go into the box during the first IG was sacked for spouting off about the 741st CC. . .when he could be heard in the hallway and across the hallway into the 741st offices. They canned him before IG #1 arrived and replaced him with me--I had been slated by Col McAdoo (sp?) to be the next DOV before he died of a heart attack after going out for a run. Once the major was axed, they moved me to DOTI just in time to hose the first IG inspection--one of my own crews was at the helm of an LCC whose SLFCS didn't print out the test generation message which sent us over the top (for the record, an earlier crew had claimed they called it in to comm job control who gave the typical, "we'll call you back with the code writeup". . .and they never did. At any rate, the IG found fault with my crew (I had been DOT all of about 5 weeks) for not finding that the SLFCS hadn't actually been written up, and they were made sacrificial lambs, and DOTI was given a "Marginal."

Being the brand new DOT senior crew MCC, I was spared. So, when IG #2 rolled around, you're damn straight I was gonna throw you in the box! lol We still failed (too many crew busts) but DOTI improved to "Satisfactory," so once more I was deemed acceptable in my role. And when SMES rolled in, Ron Unruh (he was made senior DOV MCC) and I went to Rockin' Dave and made a deal that if we got through SMES with a passing grade, he'd send us both to SOS. We did, and he did. My partner was "JW" Wooten, whiz kid and Missile Olympics pro. We blazed through the SMES check ride, and similar to your stepping out of the box after the IG ride, he and I went into the waiting room where all the senior officers waited. Ron and his deputy had pulled a 4.0 (one major error), so they were worried that we might be next. JW and I walked in, and by design, threw our T.O. bags down in disgust with sour looks on our faces. You could a feather hit the floor. . .then we told them, "4.8./4.7" and we were nearly trampled to death. A great memory.

Living in southwest Virginia now, own a wine shop in a small town, and live within 3 hours of my best bud, Robert "I Ain't Dick" Moore. . .he sent me here, actually. Hope to catch up more later.
Pat Butler
740 SMS
Senior Crew Comdr/DOTI
1980 - 1986
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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby Goes2Fast on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:55 am

Sorry, not a 740th member but couldn't help responding to Pat's post. Enjoyed the recap and names I had forgot about.
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Re: Old Crew Dogs 740th SMS

Postby Capt. Bill on Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:27 am

While I spent all of my time in the 741st and 742nd you could say I was a 740th crew dog if only for 5 minutes. What happened was I when I reported in 1969 I was supposed to be in the 740th and even had a sponsor from the 740th who got me set up in a local Minot hotel when the VOQ and BOQ was full. I reported to the 740th and the clerk had just started processing me in when someone stuck his head in and said "Hold on, Blakeney is in the 741st now".
MM I, DMCCC 741st, 742nd SMS Oct 69 - Oct 71 3 HQs and a Select Crew rating
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MM III MCCC, 742nd SMS Feb 72 - Aug 72
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