Wing I and Wing VI, 1991-1998 era

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Wing I and Wing VI, 1991-1998 era

Postby Weapons Loader on Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:20 am

After getting rid of its Minuteman IIs, when did Wing I become operational with its first Minuteman IIIs, and was this concurrent with the REACT mod, or were the first flights operational with the original Minuteman II-style console?

I understand Squadron 20 operations continued, as it was equipped with Minuteman III, and exempt from the September 1991 alert stand-down.

When was Wing I finally full-up with 150 Minuteman III? I think I saw a video on YouTube about the 10MS which mentioned June 1998 was when the last G-model was gained, but it wasn't clear if that was just for that squadron, or the entire wing.

Wing VI began deactivation in October 1995, and the last G-model was pulled in June 1998, so when was the last Wing VI SIOP alert?

Thanks in advance.
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