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For general discussion with your fellow Minuteman III crewdogs, maintainers and cops. Currently based at Minot AFB, ND, Malmstrom AFB, MT, and F. E. Warren AFB, WY. Formerly based at Grand Forks AFB, ND. Operational from 17 Apr 1970 to present. Share your stories and meet up with an old friend.

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Postby Sport Fury on Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:30 am

rgransee wrote:Some GF memories...

...The day the B52 blew up. My wife was driving past the flightline on her way out the back gate to be with me at Minot as I was on TDY. She was a few hundred yards away when it occurred and saw and felt the horrible explosion.

The B-52 that blew up was on the maintenance pad, which was about 3/4 mile from the back gate, and no where near the flighline.

...G-0 again. About 0200 hours. Pulling night FSC duty when the cook walks up to the door to the office and keels over. I have never been able to reconstruct the exact chain of events, but what happened was the Mobile Maintenance guy had left a vehicle running inside the attached garage and it had sickened everyone topside except me.
I know LCF's are laid out differently, but G-0 has an attached garage close to the FSC's office. It is separated from the sleeping quarters by some distance. Long story short-I saved about 5 people's lives and almost got written up for it-for "pencil whipping" the LCF Check on my FSC Log. (should have found the vehicle running earlier).

Yes you should have, but all LCF's at Grand Forks had the same attached garage and the cooks' bedroom along with everyone elses were at the other end of the building, no where near the attached garage, which if the garage was in use it would have had an ART vehicle in it not Mobile One's.

I've got more.

Ok let's read what else you've got, however it would seem we were at two different Grand Forks, doesn't it. No disrespect but if you really served at GFAFB be proud of that. Even the Charlie Daniels, on Hwy 2, in Emerado, North Dakota? Dude come on.

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Re: el forko grande

Postby ChosenAndFrozen on Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:20 am

I was there from June 76 - Sept 79. Reading the stories here and seeing the photos brings back a lot of memories.

One of the other MCCCs named Stewart was a real cut-up, as were most of us. Stew more than most, though. One fine day, Stew was relieving one of his friends on alert. Stew thought he'd have some fun as part of changover. So, while he was conducting his checklist prior to changeover, Stew positioned himself next to the K bottle next to the blast door where the off-going MCCC could see him. Stew then called his name, and when the MCCC looked, Stew dropped trou to moon him. The problem was, when he bent over, Stew hit his head on the K bottle and knocked himself out cold.

So, there he was, an ongoing MCCC, pants around his ankles, unconscious, and unable to assume his duties as a crew commander on alert.

The official report up to HQ SAC went something like this:
"Captain Stewart, in the course of his pre-changeover inspection thought he detected an air leak in one of the pressurized systems. In attempting to locate the source of the leak, Captain Stewart inadvertently struck his head on the equipment and was rendered unconscious and unable to assume alert duties".

So, when you think of the Northwest pilots who were distracted and overshot Minneapolis, remember, there's always the official story and the real story.
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