F.E. Warren Squadron LF Down?

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F.E. Warren Squadron LF Down?

Postby SCHUDSN8694B on Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:25 pm

I've just read a news item (26 Oct 11) stating that a "power failure" caused an entire squadron to report "LF Down" simultaneously.

It's been 35+ years for me but I don't recall that COMMERCIAL POWER FAILURES would result in LF Down status.

Did I forget something? The cynic in me can imagine why the AP story might be incorrect.

Perhaps a system fanatic out there can refresh my addled memory.

UPDATE/EDIT: No big surprise, the initial story was inaccurate. One of the LCCs began interrogating out-of-sequence with the inevitable, digital confusion. After isolating the offender, the other four LCFPs were shut down and restarted.

Karma reestablished.
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