The launch of Atlas 53E (60-5511)

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The launch of Atlas 53E (60-5511)

Postby Atlas D MMT on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:10 pm

Atlas 53E (60-5511) was first delivered to the 389th Strategic Missile Wing at FE Warren AFB, Wyoming from the General Dynamitic Astronautics factory in San Diego, California on 5-Jul-61. The missile was mated to the 566th Strategic Missile Squadrons Launch and Service Building (LSB) Site 6 in Briggsdale, Colorado were it was on alert until 1965. In January of 1965 the 566th SMS was deactivated and missile inventory was shipped to SBAMA at Norton, AFB, CA.

Atlas 53E was delivered to SBAMA on 29-Jan-65 and placed into storage.

On 28-Nov-91 thirty years after first arriving in Cheyenne, Atlas 53E was launched from Vandenberg’s Pad SLC-3 successfully placing a Tiros Weather Satellite in orbit. The missile became the 500th Atlas missile launched.

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Re: The launch of Atlas 53E (60-5511)

Postby SAC Killer on Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:52 pm

Thanks for sharing that! In previous lives I've been privileged to work on space booster and satellite programs, and I've been continually impressed that all our best space boosters are based on old ICBM designs.

And interestingly, the old Thor (now Delta) and Atlas missiles dating from the 50s are still flying but the more recent Titan and Shuttle are now dinosaurs.
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