"91SMW takes no notice ORI"

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"91SMW takes no notice ORI"

Postby philip on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:47 pm

That was the headline in whatever the base paper was called at Minot. My wife had just joined me from Texas in late '69, and neither of us had a clue about military life. I'd been to Rantoul and Vandenberg and was still getting my training at Minot but not certified combat-ready.

She wanted to know if the headline meant they didn't pay any attention to it. I told her no. That's not what it meant.
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Re: "91SMW takes no notice ORI"

Postby Capt. Bill on Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:19 am

All ORis were supposed to be "no notice" but you knew you would get one every 6 months. Are you sure the wording was takes and not failed The 91st SMW failed an ORI in late 1969. I remember that I had just become alert ready and it was my first ORI.

One crew in the field was going through the exercise launch for the IG when they got a land line call. The stopped and answered the call since it was an exericse. They reentered the launch procedure and completed it. Sorry the IG said they completed the launch wrong so the wing is busted. But wait that is how we were trained by wing EWO. Wing EWO said that is how we interperted the SAC directives. IG checks with other wings and they are split on the interpretation. IG says OK, you are still busted but on friendly terms, see you in a month. Now someone has to pay so the wing EWO officer gets transferred from Minot in the month of November to Vandenberg.
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