Visit A Titan I Silo

For general discussion with your fellow Titan I crewdogs, maintainers and cops. Formerly based at Beale AFB, CA, Ellsworth AFB, SD, Larson AFB, WA, Lowry AFB, CO, and Mt Home AFB, ID. On alert from 28 Feb 1962 to 1 Apr 1965. Share your stories and meet up with an old friend.

Visit A Titan I Silo

Postby TerrorOfTucson on Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:47 pm

Bad Sam
220 TII alerts under Arizona ('70-75)
107 (36s & 24s) MMM alerts under Missouri ('75-78)
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5 RVs
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Re: Visit A Titan I Silo

Postby nasa1974 on Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:23 pm

TerrorOfTucson wrote:My son sent me this: ... bb43b3adcb

Interesting. Thanks
Aug/71 - Apr/74 FEW
31650G 90th Msl Maint Sq SAC
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