Any Titan 'war' or 'ghost' stories?

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Re: Any Titan 'war' or 'ghost' stories?

Postby SAC Killer on Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:35 pm

RFHCO wrote:Here is a war story. Another time I was pulling a tank watch, the SAC cops were playing war games at and around the complex I was at. I can't remember which site it was, but one of my friends who was a sac cop called me and asked me to keep an eye on the topside because they were testing the response teams from a sector. The supervisor showed up and told me to stay in the control trailer because he was evaluating his troops. I noticed from the trailer that he removed the grate from the drain on the fuel hard stand and got inside the drain and replaced the grate. When my friend showed up, he had the crew let him in, and while his partner went one way, he came over to see us. I couldn't resist, so I told him where the guy was hiding, so he drove the vehicle onto the fuel hard stand, and placed the tire on the grate. Then he took a piss in the drain! That was the best laugh I had in a long time!

HA! That's a good one!
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