Operation Green Jug

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Operation Green Jug

Postby Atlas D MMT on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:03 pm

After the de-activation of the Atlas-D we were sent on a TDY to McConnell AFB to be contractor escorts for Operation Green Jug an Titan II facility modification. It was a thirty day TDY with most of our weekdays spent in the missile silo after a morning briefing in launch control.

One morning after the briefing a contractor dropped a cotton rag out of his back pocket on the floor at the launch control blast door entry. When the blast door was closed and the hydraulic lock were engaged the dropped rag was sandwiched between the machined surfaces of the door and the door jamb. Attempts to open the hydraulic locks failed and the only access in and out of launch control was via the escape hatch.

The door was finial opened after the rag was remove by burned with acetylene torches on both sides of the launch control blast door. I don't recall how long the procedure took, I do recall we left the site for a few days. The TDY was then abruptly canceled when the base was on alert for the Tonkin Bay incident and we were sent back to FE Warren.
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Re: Operation Green Jug

Postby silo warrior on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:34 pm

If I remember right it was late in 1978 right before I got to the 390th there was a similar incident at 571-9. The crew was going out to the silo and could not get door 9 to open . They tried pumping the pins manually but no luck. They contacted job control and tried all the things that they could think of also but still no luck. What they wound up doing was sending out maintenance teams and the Coles crane. They opened the silo door with the emergency door switches on TC-21 in Control Center. They got permission from SAC before doing this. Then they lowered guys into the Launch duct to the diving board on level 1. They could only lower one at a time so when they lowered the first person down they had to declare a two man policy violation. The maint. guys got in and made there way down the long cableway to door 9. They wound up having to take apart the whole door locking pins assembly they got the door to open. I pulled my first alert at 1-9 right after upgrade not long after the incident. We always had problems with the hydraulic system that ran the doors at 1-9. We had to manually pump the doors for over a month while they waited on parts to fix HS 3. Always made you wonder when you came back out of the silo if door 9 would open or not.

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