PK Rail Garrison

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PK Rail Garrison

Postby TDRSS on Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:49 am

I was wondering why this thread wasn't on here, so here goes:

Anyone have first-hand experience working on the Peacekeeper Rail Garrison at Vandenberg?

I was wandering (and wondering) as I saw the lone red rail car out on the NMUSAF grounds yesterday. The car is non-descript, with nothing to indicate it's "special duty". I'm going to upload some photos to wikipedia very soon (just shots of the car and some close ups).

Since I deal with "other" systems in my new job, I wondered how similar this system was to the SS-24 Scalpel from the Russian side. They got theirs to work pretty well - I wonder if ours would have had the same success.


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