PK technical problems?

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Re: PK technical problems?

Postby SAC Killer on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:55 pm

wblakeney wrote:
SAC Killer wrote:Another bit of Minuteman trivia: it was the first vehicle to fly under all digital flight control (the air breathers all think that was the F-16, but the real date is 1 Feb 1961) and was the first weapon system to use all solid state technology. The A- and B-models used transistors; earlier systems used vacuum tubes. The F-model was the first weapon system to extensively use integrated circuits.

I read that the first Minuteman guidance system had a hard drive with just over 2500 words of memory, thats 5K.

Correct, the D-17 computer on board the LGM-30A and B drive had 2560 words, 24 bits each. But the drive functioned both as RAM and permanent memory.
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