Why F.E. Warren?

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Re: Why F.E. Warren?

Postby SAC Killer on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:28 pm

Cancellier wrote:Rail access is also an issue for airframe transportation. Stages moved between the Main Operating Base, the Depot and Vandenberg purely by rail. PKRG never really got past the tech demo stages and had bunches of problems.


One of the interesting problems PKRG encountered was that railroad cars are built to rather loose specs compared to weapon systems. The integrating contractor (Rockwell, Seal Beach, I think) learned with dismay that an 80 foot car was often not 80 feet at all, and could be inches or feet longer or shorter. It depended on what sort of iron stock the builder had on hand at the time. So Rockwell had a very hard time fitting their weapon system containers into COTS railroad cars.

I'm told by someone who was at Rockwell at the time that they were overjoyed when the rail program got cancelled, because they were able to recover many of their financials during contract close-out.
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Re: Why F.E. Warren?

Postby John Boy on Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:51 pm

Of all the Minuteman bases, Wyoming was the only state that was willing to build up and maintain the roads to accomodate the increased weight requirements from the PK transport and handling equipment from the support base to the LF's. Wyoming was frothing at the bit when the AF told 'em that there were supposed to be "several hundred" families moving PCS from HAFB and other bases , and was jumping through hoops to get the system that no other state was willing to do.
We (MMT) started seeing the first debris bins on the launcher closer back in the '70's at Malmstrom. That door would blast open with a whole bunch of crap on top of it, the BIG problem was "FOD", that is, hard objects falling to the bottom of the MM silo, and then rattling around with the force of small arms fire when the first stage fired on launch. Mating bolts, tools, and rocks WILL penetrate the stages on their way up and out on launch.
About the tube being cut away at the top.....unlike MM, the PK stages were assembled in the tube, not at OO-ALC and shipped out as an assembly. Mating PK stages and warheads wouldn't have been possible in an un-modified Minuteman tube, and they were big enough that they couldn't have been assembled at the support base and moved to the LF and emplaced as an assembly. The PK first stage alone weighed more than a complete MMIII. There's only so much that one man on the diving board, and one cage man can do. We generally had at LEAST four or five guys at the top of the tube when mating/de-mating.
I think that Reagan finally realized that the only way he was going to get PK at all was to forget the mobile basing and put it into holes, or he wouldn't have got the system paid for before he left office. It came down to dollars, and modified MM silos were a LOT cheaper in the end than mobile basing.
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