Random question of the night: ashtrays in Minuteman console?

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Re: Random question of the night: ashtrays in Minuteman cons

Postby Bill in Missouri on Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:26 pm

I don't post often but this subject tickled my interest. Yes, we had those same aluminum ashtrays in MM1 at Ellsworth, 1963-1967. I spent 8 years in MM Ops and 11 in MM Maintenance so I have a ton of stories from "back in the day". BUT, I am now 75 years old and have one heck of a time remembering any of them. But I do remember my claim to fame. My crew (I was the DMCCC) accepted the first LCC turned over by Boeing at Ellsworth in July 1963. The LCC, Delta 1 and one of the flight LFs, D-9, are the only ones still left at Ellsworth and are run by the National Park Service as the Minuteman Historical Site. The night we accepted D-1 from Boeing, another crew was accepting B-1 at the same time in order to maintain inhibit capability but that was a sort of joke as none of the LFs were configured with guidance or RVs. I got kind of bummed out a few years ago when I offered my personal copy of the Dash One TO to the NPS for display at the site. I got no response so I had a local friend (and former MM MCCC) personally approach the NPS folks and make the offer. He was turned down flat because they were not interested in MM-1 items as the site was MMII when it shut down. So I had my friend donate the TO to the museum at Ellsworth and they gladly accepted it. I do vaguely recall one early morning in the mid 60s when a neighboring flight (in another squadron) had an oops with an RV that somehow wound up in the bottom of the silo due to a slight error by a maintenance team. But I don't give any details on that one because I have never seen it mentioned in any unclassified reports even 50 years after the fact.

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Bill in Missouri
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